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Do you like the city you are living in now?

Which city have you been to recently?

Do you prefer the City or the countryside?

What kind of cities da you like?

Which city do you want to go to?


Do you like the city you are living in now?

Of course, there are many characteristics in shanghai. First of all, urban transportation is very convenient and fast. Everywhere, you can get there by subway, sometimes faster than driving. Road greening is also perfect, both sides of the road tree growth is very luxuriant, especially cool when walking in summer. Second, there are many shopping malls and bars. On weekends, you can go shopping. In addition,you can go to a bar to have some wine and relax. Finally, the most important thing is that my family and friends are in this city, whether happy or upset, you can talk to them.


Which city have you been to recently?

I have been to Beijing recently. It is a city with a long history. In Beijing, you can see the rich historical buildings and modernarchitecture. The most memorable is the Forbidden City, standing on the wall, you can see the golden glazed tiles, symbolizing power in traditional Chinese culture, a special shock. Beijing's Hutongs, let me feel the colorful life of the local residents, they are warmhearted, make me feel at home. However, the only disadvantage is that there are too many people, the subway is very crowded, and it takes a lot of time to get on and off each time.


Do you prefer the City or the countryside?

I prefer the countryside.Although there are no convenient and fast means of transportation, there are many boulevards. Walking in the summer is especially cool on the road. Besides, there are many lakes in my hometown. In summer, you can swim and boating, you can enjoy maple leaves in autumn, and you can skate on the lake in winter. Because of very few vehicles, the air is so fresh that it is very suitable for running at night. But the most memorable thing is food, especially fish dumplings, especially juicy and tender. Therefore, my hometown is my favorite city, it carries a lot of beautiful memories.


What kind of citiesdoyou like?

A city that I like will have to meet three conditions. First, the transportation is convenient. I am afraid of driving, so I can only choose publictransport, and the city's traffic construction is very important. Second, a city that I like needs lots of parks because it can run and have picnics on weekends. Beautiful environment can also help me release stress. Third, there are many shopping malls. I am a Shopaholic, so more shopping malls can give me more choices.


Which city do you want to go to?

I want to go to New York. First, there are many modern buildings, such as the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge and so on, which have appeared in books, so I want to see them on the spot. Secondly, there are many museums, such as MOMA and MET. Many of the cultural relics in the collection are worth visiting, such as Egyptian mummies, Palace Museum relics, and European cultural relics. These museums collect cultural relics from all over the world and expand my knowledge. New York cuisine, such as hot dogs, ShakShack, and so on, has been recommended in many food magazines, hoping to have a chance to taste it in person.


雅思口语考试模板:Describe a city/town you’ve visited that you like

范文示例 Describe a city/town you’ve visited that you like

1. What makes a city a good one to live in? 是什么让城市宜居?

Oh, a lot of factors, to my mind. The ones I consider the most important for life are affordability, I mean housing expenses, the prices for consumable goods, the price of petrol, utility services, taxes and stuff like that, and accessibility, appearance and amenities, that is the presence of the airport, train and bus stations, good transport links, a number of educational institutions, a wide array of recreational facilities, shopping malls, parks and gardens and, of course, hospitals. I would also add good employment Opportunities and low rates to my priority list, oh, and the climate as well.

2. What can people do to improve the air quality in the city? 为了提高城市的空气质量,人们可以做哪些事?

Well, stop using polluting vehicles, first of all, I mean petrol and diesel cars, and start using battery-driven vehicles or public transport. This will significantly improve air quality levels as well as save some money for car owners. It's also a good idea to ride a bike if there are special cycling lanes in the area or walk around instead of using private cars. One more really vital thing for improving the air quality is greening the city. I mean planting trees, bushes and flowers in the yards, gardens and parks.

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