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I'd like to talk about YouTube, you know, the video sharing website, but actually, it is blocked in China, I'll need a VPN in order to log on to the site.

I've been a visitor of this website for as long as I could remember, at first, I was really into those hilarious videos, for example, there are people imitating the plots of a certain movie, like a parody of a horror film or things like that. And sometimes they would change the voice of the movie, and replace them with funny dialects.

I love to watch them 'cause it's a great way to kill time and release the pressure, as they say, laughter is the best medicine, right?

And these years, there are super talented singers who post their cover songs to this website, and they have tons of followers, well, obviously, I'm one of them. And to be honest, sometimes they sound more appealing than the original ones.

Besides, if you are a risk taker, you would love this website 'cause you'll find a lot of people who share the same interests. People who are crazy about extreme sports would post videos about their adventure, like jumping off buildings or doing difficult and dangerous actions near the cliff. Every time I watch those videos, I would be like, 'Wow! Amazing! Incredible!'

And tutorials are also available there. All kinds of 'icons' would teach viewers certain skills, like how to do makeup, how to cook, how to match your clothes, and things like that.

So you see, you can always find something you are interested in on that website.


Be into something = to be interested in something in an active way例如:

He's into surfing in a big way.

Hilarious = extremely funny

Lynn found the whole situation hilarious.

Do you know Pete? He's hilarious.

Parody = a piece of writing, music, acting, etc. that deliberately copies the style of somebody / something in order to be amusing 例如:

a parody of a horror film

His personality made him an easy subject for parody.

Dialect = the form of a language that is spoken in one area with grammar, words and pronunciation that may be different from other forms of the same language

the best medicine = the best way of improving a situation, especially of making you feel happier 例如:

Laughter is the best medicine.

Cover = a new recording of an old song by a different band or singer 例如:

a cover version of the 60s pop classic 'The Crying Game'

Appealing = attractive or interesting

Spending the holidays in Britain wasn't a prospect that I found particularly appealing.

Brightly colored packaging made the pens especially appealing to children.

Tutorials = a short book or computer program that gives information on a particular subject or explains how something is done 例如:

An online tutorial is provided.

Icon = a famous person or thing that people admire and see as a symbol of a particular idea, way of life, etc. 例如:

Madonna and other pop icons of the 1980s

a feminist/ gay icon (= somebody that feminists/ gay people admire)

雅思口语解析:A website you like to visit.

在描述website 这个雅思话题其实大家有很多选择,例如像论坛,贴吧,新闻,B站等等,但是为了能够生动形象的解释出你都干了什么,为什么喜欢等等。

推荐大家一个比较好说,最重要的是几乎全民都在用的一个网站那就是淘宝T-mall了。购物谁不喜欢对吧,网上的东西特别全,价格又比实体店便宜,而且还不用出家门。这样你为什喜欢就全都解释完了对不对。再者大家对淘宝的熟悉度至少不会出现硬着头皮想理由的状况。所以雅思口语考试碰到A website you like to visit我们就可以尝试着说淘宝,甚至类似的网站就可以啦。

There are dozens of websites I browsed every single day, but the one I’d like to talk about is T-mall, founded by Ma Yun. You can see his name on the list of the power celebrity of the world.

T-mall has most the Chinese service users and officially recognized as the most popular internet company in China. At the initial phase, the main business is online trading, but as it grows, Ma Yun expanded the scope of business of T-mall to better serve our online life. We can take E-commerce and online payment fast and in safety.

To be honest, I am not a super fan of T-mall at the very beginning, but years ago, one of my friends recommended it to me. I take it as a mighty website. Since that, I browse it everyday. Without exaggeration, it has been part of my life.

You can imagine that the moment of clicking the page, you’re just siting in the shopping mall and pick anything you want without the consideration of time, you even don’t need to leave your cozy home. Then three to five days later, the parcels will come to you.

On top of that, I can pay the living expenses, like phone bill, water and electricity bill. There is no need to wait in a line at different banks for hours.

In my eyes, T-mall is a super helper of my life. I always wonder what my life would be like without it. It should be nothing than a disaster.

出了说website,淘宝的背后就是马云的阿里巴巴这家大公司啊,所以a big company you are interested in 是不是又可以说这个,



国学生在准备雅思口试时,常会问“考官喜欢怎样的口音?”其实,雅思口语考试没有所谓的“标准口音”,考生没必要非去模仿标准的英国英语(the standard Queens English)。考生带口音,只要不影响考官对你的回答的理解,就没有关系。


再有就是哪些单词的发音该轻哪些该重,中国学生不很注意。比如一句:My mother is an aircraft engineer.其中的mother、aircraft、engineer三个词是句子的灵魂,必须重读突出,而其他词只是用来连接整句句子的,要轻读。在这个句子里,还有连读,这也是中国学生容易忽略的。忽略连读,发音会显得很生硬。





在这一点上,母语为英语的人(native English speaker)与我们母语为汉语的人看法上有差异。讲英语时,前者关注的是语法错误对理解所产生的影响,信息交流是否受到阻碍;后者则更关心是否违反了英语的语法规则,关心语言形式的完整性。

事实上,用词失误比语法失误更能造成考官的理解障碍。因此,对词义的把握比对语法规则的把握更为重要。说话时尽量做到可理解、可接受以及不冒犯人。当然,重复最基本的语法错误也是不能容忍的,譬如"she"说成"he","I am"说"I is"等。我们往往对语法规则了然于心,然而出口便错,这不是说话时忘记了语法规则的问题,而是缺乏专门的、有针对性的训练。




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