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1.Do you think you could be a teacher?


I don’t think I am suitable to be a teacher, I am not a patient man and cannot bear to repeat the same things frequently. Teachers’ job is really boring to me, you have to make your explanations as easy as possible for students to fully understand. It is a challenging job, I am afraid I cannot do it.

2. Do you have a favourite teacher?


Um… Yeah, I suppose I do, but it’s actually kind of hard to pick out a favourite because I’ve been really lucky with all my teachers. You know, they’ve been really great, at least most of them anyway, but I guess my favourite teacher would have to be my Chinese language teacher, because she was incredible. I mean, the amount of effort she put into her teaching, and her attention to detail, were just amazing. And not only that, but she also showed a genuine care for all of us, which left a really deep impression on me. So yeah, out of all my teachers, I’d say she was probably my favourite.

3.What are the qualities of a good teacher?


I should say a good teacher is one who always is well prepared for the class. And I guess if the person has a good sense of humour that would help because, you know, boring, ah, session, nobody would sit in the class, you know, hours after hours.

4.Should teachers use discipline in the classroom?


Coming from where I, um, am, I think yes, teachers should discipline students. In Korea, students would respect the teachers. My mum’s generation was more so, and my mum had to say one day, she thought teachers don’t eat, don’t go to the toilet, they are demi-Gods and wouldn’t even step on the shadow of the teacher, because you respect the teacher so much. But I don’t think same kind of respect is here and students sometimes misbehave during class hours and I just find it hard to understand.

5.Do you want to be a teacher someday?


Umm! not really. I have not given it that much thought. But among my many career plans, entering in the teaching profession is not the one that ever attracted me.

6. Why people choose to become teachers?


People mostly choose to be teachers because this is the profession which is praised across the world. People always pay proper respect to a teacher regardless of geographical location. Moreover, when the knowledge is spread among the students, the teachers receive an unimaginable pleasure.

7.What kind of person makes a good teacher?


Teaching is considered as the best profession in the world. The teachers help the students to grow. So, to be a good teacher, one needs to be sincere and punctual. Moreover, vast subject knowledge is also required or you cannot share knowledge with your students. Behaving gently with the students is also a standard to be a good teacher.

8.Do you like strict teachers?


Yeah I do. I have no problem with them at all, as long as they’re fair! Because I think, on the whole, they tend to set high standards, and so consequently, that makes us work harder and learn more. And the other good thing about strict teachers is that they keep students in line, which means that the class won’t be interrupted by slackers who just want to joke around and be a nuisance.

9.What’s the difference between young and old teachers?


There’s probably not all that much difference actually, but I guess the main one would be the level of experience. You know, I think it’s fair to say that old teachers tend to have more experience than young ones, and so they’ll be more skilled at adapting to any kind of situation that might arise in class, whereas young teachers might struggle. So that’s one difference, and I suppose another might be the use of technology, cos probably a lot of old teachers might stick to the traditional teaching methods they’re familiar with, whereas young teachers, I think, are more likely to bring technology into their teaching, such as using iPads and laptops in class. So yeah, I’d say these are probably the main differences.

雅思口语话题describe a teacher

说到老师,我们雅思口语考试中描述人物的Teacher 可是考中率排在前三的一个topic, 给大家分享一个例题。

Describe a teacher who has greatly influenced you in your education.

You should say:

where you met them

what subject they taught

what was special about them

and explain why this person influenced you so much.

要去describe a teacher, 我们好先思路清晰的把老师分为一下几种类型,在雅思口语考试的时候考生就能更好的充分的去描述老师。


knowlegeable 渊博的

professional 专业的

rigorous 严谨的

logical 逻辑严密的

strick 严厉的

serious 严肃的

old-fashioned 古板的 (男女生怎么能做同桌?!)


humorous 幽默的

energetic 活力四射的(下课了,老师说:再讲两分钟,就两分钟!)

salivate uncontrollably 唾沫横飞(前排的童鞋每天都被洗头,也是挺不容易的~)

make lively gestures 手舞足蹈(光靠一张嘴说怎么够?)


gentle 温和的,文雅的

elegant 优雅的

considerate 体贴的,考虑周到的(学科老师兼生活老师)

friendly 友好的(老师也可以做朋友哟!)


charming 迷人的

handsome 帅气的(女生爱)

stylish 时髦的(据观察:该老师穿的衣服就没重复过!)


innovative 新的

creative 有造力的


devoted 乐于奉献的

patient 耐心的

responsible 负责的

diligent 勤奋的

雅思口语考场再现:My foreign English teacher is not onlystylish, innovative and creative, but also devoted and diligent. I never feltsleepy in her class because she always wore up-to-date clothes to catch oureyes to pay attention to her and she also integrated the latest news with ourstudying topic in our class, which was really interesting. She is also ahardworking and responsible person. My teacher’s neighbor told us that shealways spent her private and free time correcting our homework and preparedgreat classes for us.


1.What are your weak points? 你的缺点是什么?

When I think something is right, I will stick to that. Sometimes itsounds a little stubborn but I am now trying to find a balance betweeninsistence and compromise若我认为某件事情是对的,我会坚持到底。有时候,这显得有点顽固,因此我正努力在执着与妥协之间寻求平衡。

2.What kind of character do you think you have?

Cheerfulness and friendliness.

3.What is your strongest trait?

Generally speaking, I am an open-mind person.

4.How would your friends or colleagues describe you?

They say Mr. Sun is a friendly, sensitive, caring and determinedperson.

5.What personality do you admire?

I admire a person who is honest, flexible and easy going



貌似模板成了没有的东西,细一琢磨,这个考生在回答许多问题的时候,模板根本都没有用上,好不容易用上的一些,也走了形,关键是,变异后的雅思口语模板还有问题。 比如:

模板 What I want to add here is that ...

变异成了What I want to here is that ... (add 丢了)

其次,有限的用对了模板的句子,在模板以外的自己填充进去的部分,语法还是有问题,比如:The reason may have something to do with the fact that stress.显然 that之后并没有一个完整的句子跟着,所以前面一大串的框架,因为后面的内容而功亏一篑了。雅思口语考试范文大家还是需要慢慢总结的。








罗列观点的模板:The first point I'd like to make is...

给出理由的模板:The explanation for this is that...

混搭后: The first explanation for this is that...




1. The more alternative,the more difficult the choice.

选择越多越难抉择。--Abbe D'Allaiva

2.Wonders are many,and nothing is more wonderful then man.


3.The proper function of man is to live,but not to exist.

人应该生活,而非单纯生存。--Jack London

4. People with tact have less to retract.

智者悔少。--Arnold Glasgow阿诺德-格拉斯哥

5. To do injustice is more disgraceful than to suffer it.


6. Regardless of how much patience we have,we would prefer never to use any of it.

无论我们有多大的耐心,我们都希望永远不要用到它。--James TO.O'Brien詹姆士-T-奥布赖恩

7. The fox changes his skin but not his habits.


8. Conquer fear of death and you are put into possession of you life.


9. Misers are no fun to live,but they make great ancestors.

与吝啬鬼生活毫无乐趣,但他们却为后人称道不已。--Tom Snyder

10. forgiveness to the injured does belong;but they never pardon who have done wrong.

受害者有权宽恕,但他们永远也不能原谅那些害人者。--Dryden 加德莱顿



雅思英语口语Part 1中最难的十话题

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